Submitted by thetrickstershitter (Some City, Some State) on 08.22.11

some of the storys on here are pretty fuckin gross.. but i have one to top all shit stories ever.. i was just in 3rd grade, minding my own buissness finger painting a picture of a bowl with spaghetti in it, and then my green crayon broke.. this was not good news. i lost all my work, and smelt a smelly fart coming about, it slowly filled the room and all my class mates began gagging, the teacher was on her knees with her eyes closed, i think she was praying to get out of there... then, a loud and hard shit shat out on to my underwear and it made a loud noise, i almost puked myself... ha.. but hardly. Then, little did anybody know, i was just joking and didnt really shit. it was really a plan from the begginging. i filled a condom with rotten eggs and fish and stomped on it and made the shit smell perfect.. they were all fooled, then, i made a really authentic fart noise that truely fooled me, just for one second, and i was pleased with the turn out of my prank. enjoy, fellow shitters (;

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