Submitted by hounddog (temple , TX) on 01.06.12

When I first began driving a dump truck 18 wheeler 2 other drivers and myself where running sand up to a concrete plant near dallas.
We dumpped out and went up to wait on the 3rd driver.
I had to pee bad and there were no public restrooms at all. The company were pretty much assholish about that.
I grabbed a coke bottle to pee in and when it started I began to cough. That was not good as I had on qnd off bouts with diarea all day. You guessed it I coughed and shit my pants at the wrong time.
This is a borrowed truck and I've got shit in my pants and I'm trying act as if nothings wrong. I can't get out because its a residential area qnd other workers are around. The only good thing about this situation is that I did have a roll of t p handy.
I get my pqnts down to my knees and trying to keep my somewhat fat ass of the seat so I don't get shit all over this truck.
I grab the t p and try to clean up, shits gettin on me the seat and at least some on the t p. There shit in my under ware and now going down my leg. I looked up and the other driver is coming to my truck and I'm thinking "oh god please no ". He wasn't listening, he grabs the door handle jerks the door open my pants are to my knees under ware not muchhire full of runny shit. Usex t p on the floor and the seat shit on my fingers and him woth the most shock to shit look on his face. He shuts the door faster than he opned it backin up completely caught off gaurd trips and falls to the gound the 3 rd driver had just pulled up he's got a bewildered look on his face . I know how all tjis must loom I start laughing which causes me to shit even more . I thinl that was the worst day I have ever had in an 18 wheeler and no I never lived it down.
But I must say the humor it produced deffinately made the day pass exceptionally quick.

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