Submitted by Jer (Cottonwood, AZ) on 03.29.12

So I work outside sometimes at my job and so there I was. At the end of this repair all of a sudden I am bubbling BAD in my gut. I hop in my truck and haul butt back to my office. On the way I am literally shaking! I am so afraid to shit myself because I could feel how bad it was going to be. So I get to my office and bee line for the bathroom. The mere sight of a toilet was just too much I guess because right then my bowels could hold out no longer. I couldn't believe I was shitting myself. I gave one last thrust to stop what at this point was a fixable accident. When I did, my god!!!! I shit enough for three men right in my pants. For some reason I sat on the pot which made no sense and blasted horrible diarrhea for at least 15 seconds. So now I have got to go HOME! I burst out of the bathroom and behold there is my secretary. This isn't happening right!? So I tell her to stay put and of course she asks what's wrong. I blurt out I shit myself bad! She tells me not be embarrassed (yah right). I grab two trash bags and line the seats in my $80,000 work truck and begin my journey home. I live twenty minutes away by the way. By the time I get close to home, my once 98.6 load is now feeling like 50 degrees. The smell is atrocious. I finally make it home completely distraught.!i exit my truck and start making a game plan. As I am walking inside there is shit falling out of my pant legs everywhere! I jet for my bathroom clothed and all and get in the shower. I begin with my boots then pants etc. there is shit everywhere!!! The smell is overwhelming in my hot shower so I puke! My clothes are strung all over the tub, all over me, my clothes are just covered with shit and now puke, and then it occurs to me. At least I don't have to SHIT anymore! I bust up laughing and finish the daunting task of one hell of a cleanup! The end

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