Submitted by shitie (city, CT) on 04.24.12

it was the last hour if school and we had a break becouse the teacher didnt come..i started feeling bad and i wanted ti shit.rhere were no near known places of mine or public bathrooms..so i had to go to my house that was miles away.i started my way home but in the middle i SHITTED my pants!I put my jacket around the pants so anyone could see that.i ran home and tried to shit on the toilet but the shit was heavy on my underwear.i was wearing jeans that day so they couldnt get off easily and all the shit fell on the floor(TRUE STORY)!!then i started taking toilet paper so i could clean the thing out.i startd cleaning and i was so nervous couse i thought that someone would catch me so i locked the door.then i started cleaning the f*****g shit of the floor.when i was done i made a bath and hided my pants...i know that my parents will find it (i will not be so emparassed that way...)then i took a bath and didnt say anything..i will just wait,shall i? ;p

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