Submitted by Dave (/whistler, Some State) on 05.18.12

Well. I was just out for a friendly stroll through the splendid temperate rainforest around whistler when I felt dizzy and thirsty all of a sudden. This was followed by an immense pain and a good urge to pull my pants down right then and there. The decision was half made, keen, very, almost about too. Then, as expected on a busy walking trail an absolute babe walks past (9 out of 10 were talking) stunner. She sees me about to pull my pants down. I freak out. Walk up to her and ask how far to the lake? She said not far that way. So that was the new plan. I wished her well and uncomfortably walked on. 10 min of painful walking almost halucinating along the way. I see the lakefront and there is a toilet! Bingo! Im there im walking there, only 100m to go, 70 to go, 50 to go, oh god gotta run. Gee why not. Oh shit. Thats no good. Oh look there are some babes in bikis there and im about to shit myself. Ok I got this. Then I kinda lost some vision and an erruption occured. This was an explosive eruption that was thankfully contained in the special sports underwear of my running shorts. Stoked. No one knows. Except me because I fuking stink and a few seconds ago the fisherman walking past me must have thought I just came in my pants. Luckily I was near a toilet with paper, soap and near a lake and before anyone was suspect cleaned up and on the public bus. The end.

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