Submitted by turdcutter (Some City, Some State) on 06.08.12

I was in class with a very attractive female. She asked me how my weekend had been, and I got so excited while answering that I forgot to control my bowels. At first a little pebble turd dribbled out of my butthole and rolled out the bottom of my pants. She didn't see it, so I casually kicked it under my desk. I thought everything was OK, but the pebble was only an indication of things to come. Within seconds, a smelly stew of watery shit flowed from my ass. It was like a dam had broken. There was so much buttfoam that it tumbled down my leg like an avalanche. The smell was horrendous. The girl I had been talking to vomited on me before screaming and running out of the room. Everyone was horrified. I got up and exited the classroom, leaving a warm puddle of crap all over the chair and the floor. All of this happened on only the second day of the new school year. I was able to convince my parents to let me transfer to a new school the following day. So far I have not shit my pants in public since that fateful day (tho I have had a few accidents while in the privacy of my home).

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