Submitted by Tom (los angeles, CA) on 06.22.12

When I was a senior in high school I was in gym class and playing ping pong with an acquaintance. I noticed had to shit SUPER bad, no big deal, normal enough, but on this day the bathroom was locked, I guess because the gym bathroom is sort of secluded and they dont want people hiding in there or something.

Anyway, I was pissed, it was uncomfortable holding it in, but I thought I could hold it, so I went back to the game and was just going to hold it till next period.

Then an urge came on super strong, and despite my best effort a little meteor of shit dropped out of my pants and on to the floor. AND MY PING PONG PARTNER SAW THE WHOLE THING!!! haha He just looked at me with this crazy shocked expression on his face. AND WE NEVER SAID ANYTHING. haha I couldn't believe what was happening, my mind was spinning!! I was so panicked that I just tried to play it off, we switched tables like nothing had happened. omg I can't believe I survived the ordeal

its so fucking hilarious I can barely contain myself as I'm writing, but remember i couldn't see the humor in it back then, I thought I was going to die

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