Submitted by QiDe (Beijing, WA) on 07.21.12

yesterday, i was at a rootop bar party at a 5 star hotel in Beijing. I met a chinese rich guy who kept offering me drinks. I don't remember the evening but in the morning I found myself on the toilet surrounded by my shit on the floor, in my pants ... and a hotel employee bouncing on the toilet door saying he would call the police...

Taking in all the 'damage', I started cleaning up: I kicked my 'full' underpants under the toilet, used the whole roll of toilet paper to clean most of my pants and the floor and got back into my clothes. When the employee finally went away to search for help or call the police, I stumbled away to the elevator.

Still drunk, I entered various floors, staff rooms and even the swimming pool until I finally managed to find the exit and later a metro station nearby.

About 10 metrostops and one transit station further with the disguisted looks of hundreds of chinese people, pulling up their noses, I finally got back to my appartement and fell asleep again(after taking off my clothes).

Luckily I was still too drunk to grasp every moment of it...

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