Submitted by Big Al (Some City, Some State) on 10.04.12

Many years ago whilst on holiday in Tenerife my friends and I went to a water park and we went onto the 'Kamakazi' slide.

It was a monstorous slide that sent you flying out into the air before catching you further down the slide. Anyway as I went flying out into the air I braced myself for the catch but unfortunatley for me (and no doubt thousands of others in the recycled water) I landed on my shoulder blade and the pain was excruiating.

I ended up sliding limply down the rest of the slide groaning in agony and when I came to halt at the bottom of the slide, whilst lying there in agony, my bowels gave way in shock and I shit myself.

Fortunatley it was pretty watery so it just ran out and merged with the slide water.

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