Submitted by dingleberryjoe (Gaithersburg, MD) on 10.07.12

I went to the beach with some friends this past summer. We had our own house, and decided to come before everyone else. We got beer, food, the beer pong table and everything set up in the house and decided to start drinking. Earlier that day we had Sonic, and my stomach was rumbling, but i didn't care, so i started playing beer pong. Mid way through a couple games, i thought i had to pass gas, and CHICA-BLAOWW. Something rolled down my butt cheek and i had realized i shat myself. I walked nonchalantly to the bathroom and decided to clean myself up. Thought i did, but once i put my shorts back up, i felt something on my leg and told my friends i have to go upstairs. One of my friends asked y, and i whispered to him i shat myself, and he "YELLS OUT, EVERYONE DINGLEBERRYJOE SHAT HIMSELF!!!" Luckily my girlfriend was right there, and heard him -___-

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