Submitted by wtfishat (maple ridge, CA) on 10.17.12

ok, so today i was at mcdonalds and i just finished eating a angus burger and a jr, chicken and i went out for a smoke, i couldn't finish it because i felt like i had to take a shit really bad. so i went into the washroom and somebody was using the tolit, i started freaking out cuz i had to go REALLY fucking bad. than all of a sudden i felt my leg get wet and i knew some liquid shit just came out, i freaked out an went outside jumped on my skateboard and took off as FAST as i could to my house. Once got to the door of my house i just started shitting like crazy. ran into the washroom pulled down my pants and sat down to shit.looked at my leg and there was SHIT EVERYWERE and smelled so fucking gross. finally finished and took off my pants and it looked like i shat out like a weeks worth of poo there was so much shit it was so fcking gross, had a shower and cleaned up, thats my story it SUUUUUUUUCKED wtf ...i'm 20 and that was the first time in my whole life i shit myself...

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