Submitted by Bud (Rancho, CA) on 12.29.12

So as I was driving home from work, my stomach starting killing me! I had maddd gas yo. I mean, I've had gas before, byt never like this. So I was trying to deal with it until I got home so i could shit it out on the toilet, but I just couldn't hold it any more! The diarhia just started slowly ooozing out my ass all into my pants. Shit got on my nuts, legs n' all that...My car was smelling like straight SHIT...i felt so fuckin stupid...this is the first time it happened to me...Anyways, I stopped at a park, took my pants off in my car and wiped my ass with my undershirt and threw it away along with my underwear, I didnt want to walk in the house all shitty. As soon as I got home, i stripped down and took a long ass shower and threw the rest of the clothes away...Then i jacked off...100% TRUE STORY yo...

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