Submitted by ohshit (Some City, Some State) on 02.13.13

The day i shit my pants was just a normal day.. I just had the most delicious Philly cheese steak sandwich for lunch. I was in a hurry because i had a job interview about 40 minutes away. I get on this back road that takes me to the prison where my interview was and get the most horrible gas cramp so i thought i would fart to relieve the cramp. BAD IDEA! I farted and realized i had to shit and was still 15 minutes from the prison. I stop to find a place off the side of the road but there werent enough trees to shield me from the road so i turn around and go back about 3 miles to a gas station get about 10 feet from the toilet and SHIT my pants. I filled my underwear, got it on my dress pants, my rain coat,my belt, and somehow on my phone. I was absolutely humiliated even though nobody saw me i knew i had this interview and i didn't want to smell like poop. I bathed in hand soap, threw my underwear away cleaned up as best i could and went on to my interview. ShittyInterview.

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