Submitted by FrankieJay (Binghamton, NY) on 03.03.13

A while ago, I was at a friend's house.

We were in the woods having an airsoft war and I had to shit.. Reaaallyyy bad.. So I told them I had to piss and I'll be right back. I went farther out until they couldn't see me.

I found a nice little spot.. but.. I didn't have the guts to shit right there, thinking the family would find it and know it was me or something.. So I went back to them, having to shit so bad I couldn't walk right. But I tried to walk as normal as possible infront of them.

We got back to the house a short while after (5 min or so) and I ran into the house. My friends and the rest of the people were downstairs. I thought "They wont hear me shit so this is perfect". Right when I went in the bathroom and closed the door, my friend's sister came upstairs and knocked on the door. I didn't want them to hear me shit and they wouldn't go away. So I opened the door and went downstairs.

At this point, I was squeezing farts out of my ass while I had to shit. I could feel it sitting right there in my ass waiting to shoot out. Everyone went upstairs except my friends so we went into my friend's room. I managed to go the whooolleee day having to shit.

It was nighttime and one of my friends had fallen asleep but the other wanted to pull an all-nighter with me. So We were. I was still farting a little. And had to shit.. bad.. So I went upstairs in a crawl position. And farted.. but this time.. I felt it a slide out with a huge fart.. It was warm and I could feel it. I walked up the stairs in a duck walk into the bathroom, pulled down my pants and bam!... Giant pile of shit in my undies. I threw away my underwear and went freeballin. I sprayed my pants with this clone stuff.. Worked fine.

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