Submitted by Jason (Seattle, WA) on 03.22.13

I was visting Paris years ago for my first time in Europe. I had a Chinese the night before (way to enjoy France's food) and went to visit that cemetery where Jim Morrisson is burried, which was like, miles away from where I was staying. The cemetery was huge, I was kind of getting lost and all suddenly it started: stomach cramps, feeling sick... then it got worse and worse, no goddamn toilets anywhere, I couldn't even find the exit, then I did, took the metro back, was about 10 stops aways, was standing up, clinching in, hoping it would all go... And when I finally got back, there was a workman literally outside the apartment I was staying (which was empty thankfully) in the corridor, he must have heard the biggest toilet explosion ever. To think I nearly shat myself in Jim Morrisson's cemetery.

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