Submitted by Eoer (Los Angeles, CA) on 04.26.13

me and my bf like to have public sex...we were at walmart one night and it was totally packed!we thought if we had sex in the parking lot in between two cars no one would notice...so i was getting fucked by my my boyfriend, titty fucking, and all that crazy stuff...i was super horny so i told him to put it in my butt...so he did... i could feel it stretching and bleeding cause it was so rough! then all of a sudden i feel a lot of pressure and the urge to take a shit! i thought it was normal so he kept going... NOT NORMAL AT ALL! i heard him saying what the fuck?!! and i turn around, I JUST SHIT MYSELF!!!! there was shit all over the floor and the tires of a brand new white honda accord.. i was so embarrassed! that i just pulled up my pants and walked away. i know i was walking funny but i had to get to our car like halfway around the parking lot. then what a coinsidence the couple with the white car were leaving also. i didnt get to see what they were saying but i know they were tripping out about the shit because it probably had corn in it too. lol never again will i get fucked in a parking lot haha

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