Submitted by Wendy (Some City, CA) on 05.01.13

I was 16 at the time and while I was in class I felt a big cramp in my stomach that I knew would be diarrhoea. I didn't want to use the filthy toilets at school so I tried holding it untill I got home. Well I failed. As I walked home I felt another cramp and I tried to clench against it but the pressure was so great I couldn't hold it and leaked into my panties. I felt the hot wetness as it slowly oozed out between my butt cheeks untill it spread right across my butt and out of my panties and down both legs. I felt another cramp as I tried to stop the flow and it just exploded out at at point. I had no control over it and I just let it all out. it was so embarrassing but the relief of it was so good I didn't care any more. I pushed it all out untill I felt I was empty and carried on walking home with my legs covered in shit. when I got home I ran to the bathroom and took all my clothes off and showered myself clean. I had to put my panties and tights in the trash as they were ruined but amazingly no one knew I'd shit myself. once I got dried and dressed I took my clothes downstairs for the wash and I was so glad on one knew what happened.

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