Submitted by Jenna (Some City, Some State) on 05.28.13

Three days ago a friend of mine who is training for a marathon asked me to go walking with him in the local woods so I said to take his dog with us. either way most of the walk I had stomach pains but I put it down to my period being close. After being on the walk for an hour I felt really ill but was embarrassed to tell my friend but I was fit to explode, I made up an excuse of running ahead with the dog to find a stick to play catch and ducked behind some bushes and literally stood and shit myself, I managed to take off my shorts but not my underwear before it ran out of me like water but it was a huge relife, I quickly pulled off my knickers and threw them into the bush and wiped my ass with leaves and pulled my shorts back on and walked away from the mess.

I felt so gross but I think I did the best I could.

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