Submitted by Pieceof (Some City, AK) on 07.03.13

Weed and concerts seem to go together fairly regularly. But what happens when you smoke too much and become paranoid? Well, since I am an extremely tall individual, whenever I am at concerts there literally is a giant semi circle of nothingness behind me cause clearly no one can see over me. Usually I take this as just being tall and continue watching the concert. However, after smoking weed this one time,I took this to mean that I had somehow shit my pants without knowing it and that people had moved away from me. All and all it was a very distressing experience. I then proceeded to wander around town, trying to find my way back to my house because I thought I had shit my pants. I was so sketched out I envisioned myself with shit rolling down my leg even though when I checked there was none. In the end there was no poop but trying to believe that when you are super baked and paranoid is nearly impossible.

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