Submitted by ceroteconfifa (san diego , CA) on 07.19.13

Got out of work did a hard 10hrs unloading a semi full of shit(no pun intended) that day i rarely drink coffee but i had a double shot espresso thingamajig to finish the job came home thought nothing of it had a normal stool after work then took a shower came out so fresh and so clean started drinking some brews and playing some FIFA when my girl came home and started doing my dirty laundry i stood up and asked her if she could wash my towel to she said fuck you wash your own god damn towel as i stood there in awe i got a whiff of some poopy smell i thought it was just my dirty clothes i kept playing fifa forgot about the whole fucking thing then i had to take a piss mind you the whole time i am free balling because i have no clean chones
when i pull my shorts down to piss i get the same pooppy smell i check my shorts and theres some fresh skid marks like just printed i wipe my asshole and i have shit in my asshole now this is the only fucking time i have shitted my self without any pushing farting or loose stool i dont know what the fuck it was that made me shit my self but i told my girl and she said ooooh baby you want me to wash your towel now

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