Submitted by Rory (Edmonton, Some State) on 07.20.13

So the year is 1993 and and my bother and I are on one of many errands my mother takes. It was just an ordinary summer Friday evening and we were stoked because school was nearing the end for that year and super nintendo games waited us at home so we were reeling with excitement till my mother finished her errands. We were waiting in the family van, a dodge caravan that I would eventually inherit and subsequently have many sexual escapades in. We were just talking went I felt the not too uncommon urge to defecate. Most normal people would take this universal biological urge and heed natures call but I had a severely bad habit of withholding my feces. I had gotten use to this so I though nothing of it. As the time passed I realized that the situation had grown dire. I had inadvertently got o the point of no return. I had managed to wedge my self between the sliding side door and the middle row with one leg fully extended. My sphincter was working overtime and I was thinking how on earth did I get myself into this predicament. All the while my bother is saying " go to the washroom if you got to go!" What he didn't realize was that if I moved I was going to loose my shit. At this point I'm terrified. I did not want to shit my new shorts. I loved them. I managed to grunt to my bother, "Get MOM!" and he stated, " what is she going to do!?" He was right but I din't know what else to do. My ass muscles have sufficiently fatigued at this point and my shit felt like a slowly starting mud slide down my leg. My bother cringed in disgust an little shit boulders started rolling out my shorts. I couldn't believe it and was mortified. I don't know if my brother was just sick at the site of his brother shitting himself or the smell that was permeating from my brand new shorts. In any case he bolted from the van in search of my mother. I was left to battle the avalanche the was soon to release havok on my leg and van floor. Till this day I wonder why I didn't just go to the washroom. I just figured I could handle it I guess. Till this day my brother still remembers that fateful day the I asked him to "Get Mom!"

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