Submitted by J (Canada, Some State) on 07.31.13

It all started as innocently as a night at my gf's. And I just want to clarify that it wouldn't have been so bad if she had lived in an appartment but no, she lived with her mom, older sister, and granny.
Seeing as it was the weekend and I hadn't seen her in a while we decided to buy a bottle of grey goose. If no one knows what that is it's about fifty percent vodka and fifty percent anal decongestant. A few games of shooter tictactoe later and I was pretty wasted and the bottle was two thirds full. Deciding that it would be more time efficient to just drink straight from the bottle helped the other two thirds pass almost as quickly as the third. The rest of the night is completely gone from my memory exept for a vague shadowy memorey of trying to hold in the waves of barf that spewed from my mouth all over my gf and her bed. It was the second most embarrasing moment of my life, beaten only by my awakening about six hours later. Stark naked. Covered in shit. Sprawled out in the middle of the family bathroom with both the mother and grandmother standing over me.
Let it be said that I have not touched Grey Goose Vodka since that day.

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