Submitted by pooppantsboy (Sioux City, IA) on 08.31.13

I was hanging with sum friends at the skatepark, smoking a nice blunt and chilling..i had been constipated for at least two days and idk somehow here at the skatepark with no bathroom for blocks around the constipation ended, and then some! I thought i could hold it till the end of the blunt..but it was big and i wanted to smoke. Ten minutes went by and the urge hit again, and i couldint stop it! I started looking desperate because my friends asked what was wrong, and it happened at least two days worth of poop filled my underwear..and it was hella obvious what happened. So after getting laughed at by everyone i waddled away with a growing brown stain on my jeans, it was soo much poop too! I even pissed myself as more came out. What was wierd a few of my friends thought i did it on purpose, lmfao! So my good friend walked home with me and told me that it was pretty badass to just shit ur pants on purpose. So lesson is you aint cool unless you POOP YOUR PANTS i guess. All i know is the shower was not cool, nor was walking two miles in way obviously pooped pants!

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