Submitted by turd man (boise, ID) on 08.31.13

While at my gf house one night i became suddenly ill with stomache cramps. Earlier my wife had made tacos for dinner. Promptly after smoking a cigarette my gf grabbed my 'goods' and started yanking. My stomache continued to cramp worse as i took off my pants. At this time she went down on me. I fought the urge to cum in order to keep in my fart. As time went on it became increasingly hard to fight off both urges. It was now time to cum, i couldnt hold it any longer. As i blew my load in her mouth, an explosion of diarreha covered the front of her. She was so disgusted that she puked all over and even flung poop on me in her fit of rage. As i drove home covered in puke and shit i wondered what to say to mywife. I decided to tell her that i was trying to help a homeless drunk man to a shelter. Her first reaction was you're not the nice (I agree, I just walk over them...get a fucking job). After convincing my wife i was trying to take her advice and change she quickly gave up some sympothy sex. In the end i still have to find a new gf but that problem will be solved in no time.

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