Submitted by No Way (Somewhere, FL) on 09.21.13

Yes, I shit myself. I had just finished gathering the final items of my rather large grocery shopping trip. I had bad gas all day long, but I was pretty sure I could make it. I got to the service desk, and there, there it all went down. I felt a little come out, so I quickly dropped to the ground pretending that I hurt my leg or I was checking under the cart. It all came out. I was 7 registers away from the restroom and one of the employees was looking at me in confusion. I was sweating profusely. I left the cart, grasping the back of my thigh (in hopes it looked as though I pulled a muscle in my leg) and walked quickly as a little more came out. I got to the bathroom, feeling completely relieved of my bowels, but I felt gross. I went to the first stall and some one was in there, so I went to the next stall where someone was leaving thankfully and I ran straight in. I threw my underwear away and then sat there, and cried. I cleaned myself up, grabbed my cart, checked out, and left, knowing there was still an odor following me because it seeped through to my shorts. Today is the shittiest day of my life. Seriously, no pun intended. I've never been so humiliated. Now I'm ordering new underwear to make me feel better.',

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