Submitted by WhyAlwaysMe (Some City, PA) on 09.30.13

So, I'm doing my usual day job. Stuck in an small office, with my boss. I always get the farts at work, so being the lady I am, I always let them rip and open a window and spray some perfume. Oh, but not today. A Monday! I sat at my desk and pushed to do a usual fart. It was different this time. It was wet and warm... Horrible and uncomfortable. Then I realised, I shit myself. I quickly jumped up and said to my boss I wanted the newspaper in the other room, where my dads tea room is. So I ran in there and went into the toilet. Oh, it smelt so bad. There was no escape, no mending could be done. I cleared as much as I could off my knickers and rinsed them! I felt so humiliated! I just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry. I smothered my knickers in hand cream to make the stench go away. Now I sit in my office, with 4 hours until I finish work. Fml.

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