Submitted by m (Hangzhou, Some State) on 10.24.13

So I'd got back from university (after an hour on the subway) feeling hungry, I went to eat at pizza hut and got really full (usual) I left and got half way home (only maybe half a mile) then my stomach told me to hurry the hell up. So I get in my apartment complex holding through the pain and then to my elevator (I live on the 33rd floor-not good) look at where both elevators are: ones on 33, ones on 32! ARGH! COME ON! marching up and down the hallway until one arrives to try and distract myself, I get in the elevator and click 33. Hammering the door close button, the elevator slowly ascended, only for my body to literally force this shit outta me (pun intended). I was alone (thankfully) but it smelt really bad and the feeling of it grazing down my legs was horrible. I went to the bathroom to cleanup, and thought to myself "today is not a good day"

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