Submitted by Luke (Some City, Some State) on 11.03.13

This luckily didn't happen in my pants but nonetheless a great story. Back in 11th grade, my history teacher was taking a leave of absence for some kind of surgery, and on his last day, everyone brought him goodies - donuts, coffee, cookies, ect.. As he had a surplus of these said goodies, my teacher offered the extra to the class. One of the things up for grabs was a large cup of black coffee from starbucks. As part of a bet, I wound up chugging the entire cup in front of everybody. It didn't seem to do much to me, other than give me a little heartburn. Later when i came home, i felt like i needed to shit, so i went to the john and sat down. What happened next was the most bizarre thing ever; i shat out all of the coffee! it hadn't been digested, or anything - as if every organ in my body absolutely refused to process it and passed it along until it reached the large intestine. It was pure coffee, the toilet bowl smelled exactly like starbucks coffee. I've never heard of anything like this happening before.

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