Submitted by TG (Some City, NJ) on 12.28.13

So last week, I shit myself for what I believe to be the fourth time now in my adult life... all accidental obviously. Im at work, I get to the address of the job and have to access the basement of this building. As I'm walking, i feel some pressure building up in my stomach. I get down the steps, and to the door, only to find its locked... With all the built up pressure, I figure, ok, ill fart to relieve some of the bloat. Huge, HUGE mistake. I think i instantly turned white as a ghost as I felt the shit squirt out of my ass and into my pants. I had to run back to my work truck, get in the back, wipe my ass hoping no one was watching, stuff paper towels in my ass and underwear in order to drive home and change. ugh,

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