Submitted by Nice underwear (Some City, Some State) on 12.30.13

I have been dating this guy for a couple of weeks now and he would come back from his christmas break on this night. But since he wasn't in the country yet I went out for dinner with some friends. I thought about meeting him afterwards so I had put on my favorite underwear for maybe that special night.
Me and my friends had unlimited tapas for dinner and the first thing I ordered was shrimps, because being the cheap bastard that i am, i looked for the most pricey one. When i ate them it didn't taste so good but i kept on eating. After everybody finished and we asked for the bill, I felt that my stomach was not feeling so good. But since I already went to the restroom to pee before I didn't want to go again because everybody would be waiting (and if it takes too long everybody would have known I had done a nr 2). So my friends were planning on going back to the city for drinks and I would go on a thirth date with this guy i kinda liked. So before we parted our ways i passed some loud gas and the feeling in my stomach was becoming less. I thought that it would be ok. But when i got out of the subway station where my date lives i felt that something was going wrong. My stomach was twisting and turning and i was looking for a place i could take a dump. Meanwhile i texted that guy I couldn't make it. I felt like I wouldn't make a good impression if i shitted all over his toilet. Besides it was a 8 minute walk and it was windy (pun intended) so I didn't think I would make it. I went back up to the subway because I couldn't find an appropiate place to relieve myself, but it was still 10 minutes for the next subway to come. So i walked around trying to keep my poop from creeping out. Then i suddenly really felt the urge to poop so i ran to the exit of the station but then it was over again.. So I went into a metro to take me to a trainstation where I thought they would have a payed toilet. When got to the trainstation I tried to run but I couldn't keep that up because i could feel it wanting to get out. When I looked to the payed toilet I saw it was closed!! So I went outside to see if there was anywhere I could go. I saw a small electricity box where I could possibly go but there were ppl standing around. I decided to go to a bar I once went to see if I could use their bathroom. Once I got inside I saw the lights were off and the chairs were on the tables. At this point I was really desperate and it was about time. In the same building i saw a sign for the toilets so i went as fast as i could to the escalator but the doors were closed! So now i was feeling the diarrhea wanting to get out and on the escalator back down I tried so hard to clinch my butcheecks together but it was futile. One little piece escaped my but hole and then the whole shitload came out. I felt my nice underwear being filled and when I started walking it all came streaming down my legs. I ran to that small electricity box outside and took off my pants and underwear. Took some tissues out of my jacked and tried to whipe off. The tissues were filled with yellow poop but i ran out of tissues so I put my pants on and said goodbye to my best underwear filled with diarrhea . At this point I wanted to get home ASAP but I had to wait for the train. I started to step into the light again and saw my pants were full of shitpieces and i flicked them off with my fingers. So I waited for the train downstairs but when I rushed to the boarding place I was too late and had to wait for another 15 minutes. I smelled myself and it was the worst I have ever smelled in my entire life. It was like somebody put fresh crap of 10 cows on me. So eventually the train came and I had to take the train for half an hour. I went in and searched for a place where the least ppl were. I was standing in the hallway. But the smell was so bad that teenagers who got in thought it was puke and started spraying deodarant. It was the most embarrassing experience in my life. I had put on my earbuds so it would look like i was listening to music and every time one of them would look i would pretend to look disgusted and searching for where that bad smell came from. I had to get into another train and when I reached my destination I saw the conductor looking at me because I stank so much.. And probably because i was wearing my scarf around my hips to conceil the poop pieces and discolored pants. Went home by bike (nice experience to sit on your own poop) and took a looooooooong shower 3x. I still smell the scent of poop as i'm laying in bed...
Btw.. I'm turning 24 in a few days..

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