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Around about 10 years ago I started a weight gain diet (I was really skinny) and it been going well but it left me with a really bad case of gas. Anyway I had to travel to another town to get to school and the town was an hour away from where I live. I woke up on the morning and stuffed myself with 2 bowls of weetabix, a helping of bacon, a few boiled eggs and two large glasses of milk. I got on to the school bus and before I knew it I needed a shit. I barely managed to keep it in and just as I got up off my seat to leave the bus the pressure building up inside my stomach got too much for me and bang! I shit myself. I tried to play it cool infront of the other students in the hope they wouldn't realise but the smell of shit started to circle the bus and at this the point shit was literally sliding out of my boxers and down my legs. Thankfully though the blame wasn't pointed at me. I immediately ran to the nearest handicap toilet and managed to clean my self up. At this point I felt a little shitty (if you pardon the pun) but I was mostly glad that no one had realised what had just happened to me. I opened the toilet door to a crowd of students pissing themselves at me! It turned out that I had left a trail of shit from the bus all the way to the toilet! It was exactly like the scene from the first American pie movie when finch shit himself. All of this happened I shit you not! So the next time one of you shit yourselves and find yourself reading my story, remember what happened to you can't be as shitty as what happened to me!

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