Submitted by THe boy who pooped (Whatever, Some State) on 03.28.14

Okay, so like a moth ago or so, maybe even more, i was at some school trip thing that was going on in my town and it was kind of a meeting with some people to talk about wierd shitty things. In the whole meeting my stomach was like screaming and i tought oh, i'm gonna poop after this little did i knooow, that while i was runing to my bus station i Pooped a little, i couldn't resist! i jumped in the bus, the smell was spreading, people were talking, didn't know it was me, i hope at least, Before i got home, running ofc, i frekin shitted all over me, it was all out. The bathroom was a mess, it was in my pants my boots, like i can't even. I finally cleaned myself, and i was so ashameed. I hated my life.

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