Submitted by Bob (Philadelphia, PA) on 04.03.14

I was in second grade at a private elementary school. I came to school one morning not feeling so well. While sitting in class, I kept feeling like I needed to shit, so I kept running to the bathroom. Nothing. So, finally, I felt a turtle head poking out. It was time. But this time, the teacher, assuming I was goofing off, wouldn't let me go. I held it as long as I could. Soon, I let out this massive fart and the shit just poured out. It came rolling down my pant legs and on to the floor. Everyone was grossed out. I was embarrassed. I was sent home. In the middle of the night, I shit myself again, and didn't know it because I was sound asleep. It was all over the bed and me. The next day, I was home and shit myself two more times. Lost 3 complete outfits, bedding, and at least 4 pair of underwear.

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