Submitted by oops-2 (Somewhere, Some State) on 04.20.14

Ok so I had a crush on this girl at my school. We were good friends, we hung out a lot, I swear she USED to like me too and I was just about to ask her out. We had been out for some time, it was evening, getting towards night, and I asked her "Can I ask you something?" She said yes, so I moved in closer. It was at this moment when I felt a sudden movement in my stomach. I felt my ass fill with a hard lump. I opened my mouth to speak, and I let rip a tremendous fart, The people in fucking china could hear it, and suddenly, it stopped. My hole was blocked by this shit, sliding out my ass. My face turned boiling red, and it tumbled out my anus, down my trousers and out onto the grass. She looked down at my feet, took one last look at me, retched as if she would throw up, and ran home. That was my experience. fucking horrible. After that I faked sickness from school for like a year, and I could never show my face in front of her again.

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