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I was at my boyfriends house and I needed to use his bathroom because I could feel a big one brewing. So I excused my self and calmly walked outof the room and towards to bathroom, as soon as I us. out of sight I basically sprinted to the toilet while in the process of pullingbmybpants down because I knew that once Igot there I wouldn have any time to stuff around. However before I could grab the door handle I felt a rapid surge of liquid shit fill the back of my panties. It was warm and the consistency was close enought to water that it ran through the satin and down my leg and pooled on the floor of his hall way, just a few feet away from the toilet which was now in sight. Before the surge of shit had finished pouring out of me I was already in a fit of tears because I had no clue how I was going to recover from this socially.
But to my amazement and also to my satisfaction, I heard david (by then boyfriend, now fiance)jump from his chair and sprint to his ensuite bathroom, but before I could hear him open the charicteristically squeeky ensuite door the first thing I heard was him exclaim "Oh My Fucking God No!" It was then that I put my self in the guest shower feelinf less embarassed because I knew that he too had just shit his pants and was surely also about to take a shower. After I got out and dried myself off I donned aguest bath robe and left the bathroom to face the music and see him Iin the living room where I found him also in a bathrobe with a grin on his face. He knew, I knew, we both lost controll of our bowels and now we were standing there in his kitchen losing our heads about the fact that we had both just shit alll over ourselflves. After what felt like 30 minute of painful laughter, david who I had then been dating for 3 years asked "I shit you not, if you dont marry me, I'm going to shit myself again"
Best worst datebive ever had and will never forget it. When people ask us how he popped the question I always tell them the truth because to me it was funniest thing ever to happen to either of us. Thank for reading.

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