Submitted by Sopranos (Denver, CO) on 04.23.14

Over the weekend I heard the story about my boyfriend shitting himself in class all-the-while sitting in front of a girl he really liked in highschool, years ago. I laughed and laughed as he told his horribly embarrassing uhhhh story of soiling. He, being a huge fan of The Sopranos has sworn off tv series (minus The Walking Dead) saying they cannot live up to such a series, will not submit to my relentless attempt to get him to watch The Game of
Thrones. I decided to watch an episode or two of The Sopranos in order to have ammo to persuade. I had just got into the 2nd episode and my 3 heiniken (and the half glass of wine/3 white rascals before it) when I felt a routine fart coming on, I lifted my leg to help it along but I did not expect what came with it. My eyes grew wide. I high-tailed it to the nearest bathroom to discover what I already knew, cleaned myself up and changed my drawers, headed downstairs to see what I had missed. It sounded like a great scene, or two. I went to take my place on the couch only to find the same pattern I saw in my pants. I shit the couch. Napping on this couch will never be the same. Sweet irony.

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