Submitted by Not an Eagle (Lewisburg, TN) on 04.28.14

Every year, our scout troop would stay at this camp for a week. Something was in that drinking water because everyone got the shits by the end of the week. After the closing ceremonies one year, I made the mistake of trying to avoid the awful camp facilities, and tried to hold my douce for the comforts of home. The drive was over two hours, and our caravan was not moving fast enough at all for my bowels. I squeezed my cheeks. I held my breath. I adjusted the seat belt. I meditated. I prayed to every god I knew of as a young scout. But that mess - not nearly a proper turd - squirted out anyway. Everyone smelt it in the van, and jokes about the farting lasted the rest of the hour home. I dared not confess what was truly in my pants. When we got back, I begrudgingly admitted the accident to my Dad. He took me to the nearby Kroger so I could clean up. Wasn't much I could do there, mostly damage control. I was so thankful to be able to shower when I got home! Every year after that I pushed every dirty-water evoked diarrhea drop out into that nasty Boxwell shithole before we left for home. I learned.

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