Submitted by Lover boy (Buttfuck Egypt, AL) on 05.09.14

You ever hear that phrase, "you know you're in love when you fart around each other"? Well, I was with this girl for a few years and had taken that test one step further by making a habit of farting on her. Sometimes she'd laugh, other times she'd be more annoyed. She loved me though, so she put up with it. Well, one morning I awoke with the excitement of having stored up an extra-large, freshly-baked air-biscuit. I knew I would have to act fast since my girlfriend was a light sleeper, and she'd definitely push me off her if she saw it coming. Go time! I sprang up, swung one leg over her head, and aimed my anus. Phtbtbtbtbt! I SHARTED... And because I was so excited, in such a hurry, and pushed so hard, it was an immense amount of diarrhea covering her face and head. We were both in shock. It was terrible. She got up, went to the bathroom, and got in the shower. I cleaned up the bed. We broke up later, but not because of this incident.

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