Submitted by Tony (Key west , FL) on 06.24.14

So this guy I am getting very serious with for the past 6 months or more, invited me to join him on a 3 day two night little getaway in key west. On the 4 hour drive I began to feel very nauseous and queezy and I told him I wasn't feeling well, we finally made it to key west and checked into our hotel suite at this nice little resort. Throughout the day, I had been going to he restroom but nothing was coming out really. Well, that all changed the first night we were in bed , both of us went to bed/sleep around 2am, then at approximately 4am/ I woke up in shock! And I was vocal and loud as if someone had broken into the room.... I chanted : "something is wrong, something's is wrong! The back of these underwear I have on are wet!"
I guess in my half-sleep brain it must've been something wrong with the underwear themselves. Being the super sweet and helpful guy that he is, he felt the back of my underwear too... To see what I was talking about. I got up out the bed, turned on the light, and there it was, a big fat all liquid diarrhea stain on the bed (white sheets) :::cringe:::
My heart stops beating for two fractions of a second! As I utter: "oh my gosh, is that shit!? I shitted!?"
As he rushes to the bathroom sink to wash his hands I jet to the bathroom to shower in shame and disbelief! When I got out if the shower, he had already been busy cleaning the shit spot on the bed with Lysol and cover it with clean towels.... I stood in pure shock with my hands over my mouth like I had seen a ghost... As he says to me : "darling when your sick, your just sick!, it's ok, get back in the bed!"
But if course I couldn't! The shame, the shock, the shit! I couldn't wrap my head around it and in seconds I retreated to the bathroom where I spent hours sitting on the toilette talking to my close friend about this on the phone for a bit and she said "do u feel like leaving?" To which I replied: "more than you know! I want to cover my face and disappear forever". She then entertained the idea of coming to pick me up I told her "it's a four hour drive I don't know I will let you know" ... After speaking with her I found his website and began reading through testimonials as I sat
On the toilette... Then I wrote this. All just minutes after it had occurred. This is as live as the story gets ppl! I am literally still on the toilette not sure what to do. And how I can be around him for the rest of this trip.

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