Submitted by Sarah (Los Angeles , CA) on 08.22.14

I was driving to work stuck in traffic of course and had to fart which I thought was going to be a little one. I farted and was on the phone with my mom and said oh my God mom I think I just shit myself I'll have to call you back. I arch my back as to not sit in the warm gooshy mess between my cheeks (and all of you who have done this before know exactly what I'm talking about) and pray that it is contained in my underwear and has not leaked through onto my work pants. I pull over and waddle to the nearest bathroom inside a store, thinking that everyone knows that i shit myself and can smell it, wipe my ass with my favorite ruined underwear and throw them away. I go on with my day and that's that. I have since been very leary of my farts and am forever traumatized by my shitty experience.

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