Submitted by Fuzz (Milford, OH) on 09.01.14

i was hiking with my family in John Bryan state park, and i had been feeling bad for a while, so we were looking for a bathroom.We finally got to the place on the map where one was supposed to be, but there was not a building in sight. We decided to keep looking, but suddenly,everything exploded out of me like a Niagara Falls of shit. luckily nobody was around, but there was still no place to clean myself up except the woods. So i found some leaves and did my best, but it wasn't nearly good enough. AND i had to walk the two miles back to our campsite like that. The worst part is that the park didn't have any showers. It was so bad i had to throw away everything i was wearing at the time, even my shirt and bra. It was without a doubt the worst day of my life.

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