Submitted by horriblyembarrased (Some City, Some State) on 09.05.14

So my husband and I are driving down one of the most dangerous interstates in FL, in bad traffic, in a storm...MILES from the next exit. The lightning was so intense, I got nervous. My stomach was already hurting from a gas station hot dog. I started having this immediate urge to go, with no exit in sight. It was so painful, I was rocking back and forth and yelling that I was just going to poop myself, although I REALLY didn't want to. I had never had to go this bad, it was exiting without my permission! My husband sped to the nearest exit because I told him he better take me to the gas station at the next exit or I will poop myself. Well, we got to the light at the gas station, and it was red, forever. The pain got so intense, I grabbed some washcloths which were on the dash in front of me, stuck them in my pants, and humiliatingly crapped myself, way harder than I planned. I was so embarassed, I cried throughout the process. Sitting in crap for another 15-20 miles and catching every red light, my stomach still hurt! We finally got to the house and there are a bunch of people working in the yard next door. My pants were unbuttoned with crap all over them. I made it to the bathroom which ended up totally covered in crap. The floor, the toilet, the shower. It took an entire roll of toilet paper to clean off the toilet. I still had to go again after all of that! I have never been so embarassed before.

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