Submitted by Magic (Some City, Some State) on 09.09.14

When I was 11, I had been farting the entire day. I didn't feel like I had to poop, so I just went on farting and playing video games. My stomach hurt, and then I shart myself. I decided to go upstairs to take some medicine and then take a nice long shower. Suddenly, giant chunks of sh*t came out of my ass and landed into my underwear. I was terrified, I took my medicine as fast as possible and then went to run down to the shower. Plop, a chunk of sh*t fell out of my underwear. I started running quicker and dripped sh*t chunks all over the stairs, they fell out. I had sh*t all over the place, in the kitchen, down the stairs and then in the bathroom. I was covered in sh*t at this point and my dad was yelling at me. I threw my shorts and underwear away and got in the shower for a long time. I used lots of shampoo and body wash that day. That was 5 years ago, and I hope it'll never happen again.

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