Submitted by MobiusAzarath (Some City, Some State) on 09.13.14

I have no idea what sickness I had but it felt like the flu. I was laying on my futon watching Trailer Park Boys and I reached for my handkerchief. I blew my nose and my asshole felt like the pronunciation of the letter 'B'. I thought nothing of it, maybe a small fart. Just as I began to feel a warm ooze, a speedy fart spurted out and it pushed my underwear out a little. I felt the slightly chunky mess in my underpants. It felt like a cup of lukewarm chocolate milk with melted marshmallows sloshing in my garments. I gripped my legs to prevent causing a mess. I carefully paced myself to the bathroom and completed business. I had to get rid of 3 sheets and my underwear of course.

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