Submitted by PoopyMcPooperPants (poo town, MI) on 09.14.14

So after a long night of drinking I awoke super hungover for a river tubing trip. I knew we were about to be on a river for 4 hours so I attempted to get all the poo out of me before we left. I thought I had it all under control. Right when we hit the road my stomach started bubbling up again. I figured it was just some farts building up so I didn't really pay attention to it. We hit the river and I am surrounded by a huge group of friends floating on tubes when suddenly my stomach starts bubbling again. I lift my butt out of the river to perform a routine relieving fart which I have been holding in for a while. Right as I attempt to push out what I thought was a fart, some liquid hangover sludge slides out. I quickly sink through my tube into the water and sit in the river. My friends were asking what I was doing, and I just told them I was peeing, but really I was cleaning the crap out of my swimsuit.

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