Submitted by KingofGooch (North, NJ) on 09.15.14

I had been farting nasty bombs all night. Probably Taco farts.

Went to a party at my friends house. About 20 people there, all sitting round a fire-pit. My other friend was sitting on a couch w/ his head resting back. I saw an opportunity of a lifetime. Stretched my right leg (in a graceful fashion)over the top of the couch. My butt was centimeters from his face, and i let it rip...but this fart, felt different.

He trashed his head forward and began washing his face. I (with my leg still stretched across the couch) knew exactly what had happened.

I slowly moved my leg back down and carefully walked inside the house right to the bathroom. Problem was i had to go up a flight of stairs. I made it the bathroom, cleaned as much as i could.

Then proceeded to where my brother was seated, and asked for the car keys. He replied "why did you shit yourself". My silence said it all. He laughed and screamed "He pooped his pants".

Right at this exact moment two other friends (Chunk, and Baby) were walking around the house, and noticed some "mud spots" on the stairs. Nervous that they had made the mess Baby wiped one spot with his finger and upon further examination yelped in fear "THATS POOP"

Needless to say, i shit on my friends face, and had my other friends clean it up; It was a great night.

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