Submitted by anon (Halifax, NS, Some State) on 09.15.14

So it was about 5:00pm ona beautiful spring day. I was walking home from finishing an exam and was feeling pretty jolly. A belly full of caffeine and a head full of dopamine made my walk great, it was as if I was listening to a great track without even having headphones in. Well, I get to the intersection and am waiting for the lights when I feel the need to toot. No matter, I'll let one out, it'll be great.
Instead of a great woosh of relief, it was as if a dam burst and all of a sudden my ass is hosing the back of my pants. I think I could sense that my jeans were being lifted off of my bum. The light turned green and I ran (as well as I could) to the next side-street to inspect the damage.
It was a disaster - the ass of my pants were soaked, with a river running from them all the way to my socks. I quickly tied my jacket around my waist to cover the majority of the spill, but I'm sure it didn't do that great of a job. The rest of the walk was probably the most uncomfortable 20 minutes of my life

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