Submitted by Melted Tootsierolls (Bradenton, FL) on 09.15.14

Well, I don't remember what I had eaten that day or even having a stomach because this is a story of a long time ago.... I was working at a popular ice cream store at the time. Whenever I needed to fart I would go into the back walk-in freezer because I thought the temperature might "neutralize" the smell or something. So, one day I went to the back, walk-in freezer expecting to relieve myself with a quick rip. When I released, I felt something wasn't right. I then proceeded to run into the bathroom. I checked my boxers only to be extremely disappointed that I had left myself a rose bud in my boxers. It was the beginning of the shift, so I wouldn't be able to just work through it. I did the best cleaning job possible with toilet paper and a sink. I luckily just got my first cell phone that year. I called my best friend to bring me underwear. I sat in the bathroom and waited until I heard him giggling through the door. He asked to see and I snatched the boxers and slammed the door in his face. He was an angel!

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