Submitted by Rednaxela (Erie, PA) on 09.16.14

At my girlfriends house. Suddenly feel a rumbling in my gut. My intestine said actual words. Too embarrassed to use girlfriends bathroom. Feeling the shit trying to claw its way out. Press my ass cheeks together and awkwardly say goodbye to girlfriend. Hobble out to my car sweating bullets. Live five minutes away. Hot shit burning through my buttonhole. Four minutes. Fuck, my anus is on fire. Eight. Pressure is about give me an enema. Three. Volcanic eruption from my buttonhole. Two minutes. Oh fuck, hot shit in my pants. One minute. My ball sack is marinading in spicy mudwater. Get home and gingerly get out of car. Chocolate soft serve ice-cream falls out of my shorts onto the concrete. Throw my shorts out in the dark and walk into my house naked with shit covered balls and ass.

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