Submitted by shyboy (fort worth, TX) on 10.16.14

When I was in first grade our class used to sit around a circle in class and discuss new words as a group. I was a shy boy at the time and feared being ostracized for asking to go to the restroom so I would just hold it. One day, I wore my favorite pair of superman underwear and I was feeling invincible. I remember eating a hearty breakfast of sugary cereal and oats that morning, and little did I know that my lactose intolerance and the high fiber of the oatmeal would want to escape later. I sat in class, my stomach gurgling and screaming for relief. I wouldn't give in to its yells. I was far to shy to ask to leave. I could no longer hold it and out comes this viscous atrocity out of my ass. I realized I was doomed. I had to act fast, and to my terror I now had to ask to go to the restroom. I had to step over several people with piping hot shit in steaming in my underwear. I finally made my way through the obstacle of children, and I rushed to flush my underwear down the toilet. It turns out the underwear didn't flush and they just swam in the toilet bowl, covered in shit. I spent the rest of the day with a dirty butt and had lost my favorite pair of underwear.

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